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RE: Start Your Own Home-Based House Cleaning Business

From: Bob Markovsky

Dear Friend,


es, it's true, you can boost your income fast… AND… make excellent money from these profitable part-time house cleaning jobs. You can start right away and bring in as much as $795 dollars a week - or more, PART-TIME. You can do this and I want to tell you how.

This residential market is “wide-open” to anyone, and is very profitable part-time work. Not only that, but, there is a huge demand for this service…everywhere

Now, You Can Have Your Own Profitable House Cleaning Business..

Allow yourself to imagine waking up tomorrow, not having to worry about that annoying boss of yours, but being ready to take on the day being your own boss, doing something you enjoy and making income that you control.

Now imagine, strolling 30 feet to your home office, checking your day's job schedule and heading out to make up to $795 per week with your own House Cleaning Business!

You Get Full Information

Based On Proven Success

This valuable information was written by a successful Florida cleaning business owner with 15 years of experience, and is based on proven success in this business.  Nothing is left out... equipment needs, getting customers, record keeping and everything else you will require to get up and running quickly.

"...your information has been MORE than worth every penny. "

I wish to thank you for the always useful information you have provided. We had already had an active "residential" cleaning service operating in Québec, Canada, when I found you and downloaded 2 of your business products. While we work in metric for the most part, and our languages are different, your information has been MORE than worth every penny.

Tim MacKinnion, Canada

Maid In Montreal

You'll Get Complete Detailed Instructions On How To Get Started...

Instant House Cleaning Kit

Here is what you'll receive:

How to target the 6 different groups of prime customers for your service.

How to get customers the smart way without expensive advertising.

How much to charge. A simple formula that’s right on the money.

How to get started fast with little or no money

This business opportunity covers these topics:

Getting Started

Who are the Customers

How to Get the Customers


The Best and Proven Sales Flyer


How to Estimate the Job Correctly


The Estimating Guide


The Residential Service Agreement


What About References


License and Insurance Information


Cleaning Supplies


What to Expect on the Job  

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Your “Instant House Cleaning Kit” is filled with valuable, useful information that you need to succeed in this business.

Franchised cleaning companies charge literally thousands of dollars to help people just like yourself get their own residential cleaning business started.

You can easily do-it-yourself with the information revealed in this “Instant House Cleaning Kit”.

It is simple and easy to understand. Your Kit is filled with Proven Methods that get results!

The “Instant House Cleaning Kit” is all you need. It will help you get your foot in the door.

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You can get started immediately. Take a look. The proof is in the product....HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET:

The best and proven sales flyer you will ever use. There is no contest. This flyer is the best of the bunch. It has a unique feature that will help spread the word about your cleaning service like wildfire.

Step-by-easy-step instructions show you how to get started risk free, totally from scratch or expand your existing house cleaning business…; with no additional costs.

A very simple, accurate and easy to use Estimating Guide. Use this to determine the price for each job from one room to large five room homes.

A Professional Service Agreement. Use it to write down the price on and give to any customer. It spells out exactly what is to be done.

Who should get this home business kit?

Anyone who wants a full-time income from part-time hours.

Anyone who wants the security of getting paid several times each week.

Anyone who needs to increase their income.

Anyone who wants a running head start in their own profitable service business

Anyone who wants flexible working hours.

If any of the above sounds like you, then…
You Should Get This Kit.


If You Order Today, You'll Get These Valuable Bonus Reports For Free!

Order right now and you will get 3 BONUS REPORTS included with your Kit. These are extra services

that all residential customers pay for in

addition to the routine cleaning.


(You can put lots of extra money in your pocket)

You’ll get the inside scoop and all the details on how to make money from these 3 profitable “add-on” services. You could make a business out of any one of these extra “add-on” services.

Plusorder right now and you will also get my personal list of priceless time saving shortcuts and cleaning product information.
Tips to speed up any type of cleaning job. Get outstanding results, look professional, and increase your profits from this “Hot List of Cleaning Secrets" revealed.

You will not find this inside information anywhere else.

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Get Everything You Need To Start A Profitable House Cleaning Business Plus

3 Free Bonuses

You will get a complete business "system" that could earn you $795 per week part time, including detailed instructions on how to start and continue operations, information on how to get 26 customers in only 90 days, an Estimating Guide, a professional Service Agreement, a no-fail, proven Sales Flyer, plus the incredible bonuses described above,  all with a total value of $69. Your price for all of this is only $19.97.

A Solid Guarantee of Action and PerformanceMoney-Back Guarantee

THERE IS NO RISK WHATSOEVER: Take advantage of this  100% no questions asked guarantee. If you aren't happy with this eBook Business Opportunity for any reason, after reading through everything for an entire 30 days at your leisure, just send me an e-mail for a complete refund of your purchase price.


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Best of success,

Bob Markovsky

P.S. Become your own boss and make money that's all yours. Download the "Instant House Cleaning Kit" right now and get started today.

P.P.S. There is no risk! If you're not happy with this amazing business opportunity after 30 days, simply request a no-hassle refund.

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